Döpke-Bakery machines - Preparing and processing technology

Mixing and kneading machines

with baseoutflow and moulding,

with manual and automatic portioning.

For the processing of:
rye-, mixed types and whole grain doughs, marzipan, chocolate.

In different ratings 200 to 2900 liter capacity, farther mixing machines for 

different products.

Automatic dough filling machines

Automatic dough filling machines

for depositing of different doughs with exact weight in baking tins of each 

kind and size (for sliced and whole bread).

Dough processing up to 6 to/h.

Dosing machines

for the exact weight portioning of
soft and and firm rye and mixing bread dough.

Executed in automatic business as well as alternative for manual handling.

Automatic dough divider machines

for deviding of dough ropes of each kind and size manual remove from the conveyor belt or with tiltable conveyor belt.

Strewing and flouring devices

Strewing and flouring devices

for sprinkling the filled baking tins with flakes, pumpkin seeds, 

linseeds and so on or to flour the extruded and divided dough ropes.


Beside this we prepare complete transporting equipment, constructed to the special requirements.

If you are interested please ask for detailed informations referring of this.